Why is this Priest so strict when it comes to the HOLY MASS? By Joven Manalo Jalbuna

Why is this Priest so strict when it comes to the HOLY MASS?


I am so saddened that some people just can gossip and bash one of our Priests in the Diocese of Dumaguete, thru Social Media, that even became viral, getting lots of mixed reactions. Because they were educated by the Priest on refusing to obey after being warned to KNEEL DOWN before the HOLY EUCHARIST. They had insisted that those who didn’t obey are

1.) Non-Catholics and
2.) Disabled person (using crutch).

Were the reasons a probable cause to break the rules imposed by that certain Parish?

No. First, the rite was for FUNERAL and it happened that some of the relatives were Non-Catholics and one of them was disabled. That is not enough reason for them to break the rules because the HOLY EUCHARIST is Christ himself, and that’s how important it is to us. And you are in the Catholic Territory, so you are expected to abide to the laws & rules to show respect.

No. Second, the rite was for their DEAD RELATIVE, it’s not for anybody else. It’s for the Spirit of their DEAD RELATIVE, so as respect to the DEAD PERSON, they have to follow so that the rite will be flawless, otherwise if they don’t want the rite done.

No. Third, according to the witness, the Priest didn’t force them, He just warned and educated them. That was very horrible to create a SCANDAL in the SOCIAL MEDIA spreading lies and misconceptions to others just to gain sentiments & sympathies. They have not even realized how it could affect to the reputation of the Priest and the Church as well. It is also very bias that the certain VIRAL POST was centered to their view of perspective as human and as a NON-CATHOLICS.

We are all aware, to break the rules is punishable or disciplinary actions should be imposed to those who violate. Is the Priest who have that GREAT RESPECT TO THE HOLY EUCHARIST committed error? Of course NO! To anybody, who know how ESSENTIAL for us to pay RESPECT before the HOLY EUCHARIST. Those Non-Catholics was not even able to present a fair elaborations about the scenario. Therefore it was untolerable and a shame on their part.

So I come into a suggestion, that all Parishes should have a BRIEFING/SEMINARS about the BASIC RULES of the CHURCH prior to the RITE. #DefendFrJojo


I call for everyone who is here, let us defend Fr. Jojo. According to one of the CFD at Bacong, there’s a witness that said, “Fr. Jojo didn’t force them, the Priest just warned and educated them”. They were really a disaster to the Priest and to the Church, they are not even Catholics joining the funeral rite of their dead relative. Let us counter that VIRAL SCANDAL against the Priest &the Church by posting as well, explaining why the Priest needs to warn them to pay respect before the Holy Eucharist by kneeling and why the Priest is so strict about it.
Please use hashtag #DefendFrJojo. We cant do as viral as they can, but at least we can enlighten some. Salamat.

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