3 Effective Biblical Refutations of Sola Scriptura
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3 Effective Biblical Refutations of Sola Scriptura

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“Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture make up a single sacred deposit of the Word of God…” (DV 10)

My friend Al Kresta (Catholic talk show host and author) once noted that in C. S. Lewis’ famous book, Mere Christianity: an ecumenical effort to find things that all Christians shared in common, and the “non-negotiables” of Christianity, a central, crucial doctrine of two of the three major divisions of Christianity was omitted.

The great Anglican apologist did not include a doctrine of the Church as a binding authority in the Christian life, which is a belief strongly held by Catholics and Orthodox, but formally denied by Protestants, who hold that only Scripture is an infallible authority (what is known as sola Scriptura; literally, “Bible Alone”).

As a Catholic convert, whose former biggest objection to Catholicism, by far, was the notion of an infallible Church or pope, I understand this viewpoint, but I thoroughly reject it now. I’d like to highlight three biblical passages that teach a very strong view of the authority of the Christian, or Catholic Church (contra sola Scriptura).

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