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What happened after the “Reformation”?

A Poem

Did they successfully reform the Church?
Or they just broke away from the true church for their own sake?
Did they successfully fought against the true church?
Or they just make the people turn their backs to the true church to follow their caprice?

Did they successfully teach about Jesus?
Or they just successfully teach falsely about Jesus?

They say faith is enough to be saved.
Is it really enough?
They say the book of life is the sole foundation for the truth.
Is it really the foundation?

They say that the Body and Blood of Christ is just a symbol.
Is it really just a symbol?
They say the that the true church is not the real one.
How about theirs?

They say that the Mother of Christ should not to be respected.
How about your mother? Does your mother doesn’t deserved to be respected?
They did successfully “reform” the church, with division,
Different beliefs, different movements and different practices.

Dominus Vobiscum et Pax Vobis!

-Admin Sikolohistang Tagapagtanggol

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