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“Virtual” Mass never substitutes in-person participation

In a Letter to the Presidents of Episcopal Conferences, the Congregation for Divine Worship affirms the necessity of a return to the normality of Christian life, where the health care crisis permits, saying that assisting at a virtual Mass cannot be compared to the physical presence of the faithful at a liturgy. By Vatican News […]

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39 newly ordained priests of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Xuân Lộc (Vietnam)

On Thursday morning, July 16, 2020, at the Diocese’s Cathedral, Bishop Joseph Dinh Duc Dao, Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese, presided over the Ceremony of Priesthood for 39 Diocesan Deacons. It is a wonderful gift that, through mercy, God has given the Diocese of Xuan Loc an additional 39 Lord priests, who assume the sacred […]

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As long as I’m president, same-sex marriage will never happen – Vladimir Putin

    Russian President, Vladimir Putin stated unequivocally that, as long as he remains president, gay marriage will never happen in Russia. He made this comment on Thursday in a meeting with the state commission. Putin was the chair of the meeting which was held to help look at the new proposed amendments to the […]

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Earth Finally Fixed Largest Ozone Layer Hole Above Arctic, Healing 1 Million Square Km

    Earth has several ways of healing itself from any detrimental change, with or without the current COVID-19 lockdown going around the world. A new example of this has just been recorded as scientists confirm that the 1 million square kilometers wide hole over the Arctic has now closed. A rare hole in the […]

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Saudi governor turns to the Mother of Jesus to overcome the coronavirus

  ʿAsīr governor is urging people to learn from Mary’s perseverance. Trust in God, strength to survive and courage in difficult times make her a “true victor”. Saudi Arabia has the highest number of cases among Arab Gulf nations. Riyadh (AsiaNews) – In the middle of the emergency caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, “numerous […]

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Caritas Manila gives P1-billion gift certificates to help poor amid lockdown

By CBCP News April 8, 2020 Manila, Philippines A church-based social service agency has provided around P1 billion worth of aid to poor families affected by the lockdown triggered by the coronavirus. Caritas Manila used the funds for the door-to-door distribution of P1,000 gift certificates to over four million households within the greater Manila area, […]


Agnostic woman converts to Christianity during Pope Francis’ ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing

On Friday, Pope Francis imparted his Urbi et Orbi blessing to the world from an empty St. Peter’s Square, amid COVID-19 fears. The event was live-streamed by various media including Shalom World. During the Eucharistic Benediction, one agnostic woman announced her conversion to Christianity, as it touched her heart. “I never believed, I was always agnostic. […]