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A unique case of Benedict XVI defeating the devil

 Ary Waldir Ramos Diaz | Apr 15, 2018

© Jeffrey Bruno Papa Benedetto XVI (2011)


Anecdote from the book ‘Exorcist by Profession,’ the testimony of a disciple of Fr. Gabriele Amorth.

According to a Mexican priest who was an assistant to Roman exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth for four years, you never forget your first case of authentic possession. The first one he saw was that of Charles, a French nobleman, who began to feel bad after a spiritual retreat in Dijon, in Burgundy (France). He would go into trances inexplicably, and nothing and nobody could free him.

In the book Exorcist by Profession (Professione esorcista in Italian), authors Fr. Cesare Truqui and Chiara Santomiero, a journalist specializing in the Vatican, explain how an exorcist establishes a dialogue with the presumed victim of the evil one. Once the case is proven to be real—excluding the possibility that it is a strictly psychiatric or medical problem—the exorcist obliges the devil to reveal himself through prayer and questions.

Such was the case of Charles—a tall man (6’3″), happily married, father of one child, whom Benedict XVI freed from the devil just with the power of prayer. The voice that came from the body of the possessed man identified itself: “I am the prince of the world.” Arrogant and haughty in the face of experienced exorcist Francesco Bamonte, it declared, “You are no match for me!” “Who, then?” the exorcist asked; “The pope or a bishop,” the infernal voice replied.


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