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Addicted To Drugs At The Age Of 14, But Now He’s A Catholic Priest?!

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By the age of 14, Donald Calloway had already done plenty of experimenting with hardcore drugs. The epitome of the drugs, sex, and rock and roll lifestyle, he continued to live with reckless abandon throughout his adolescence.

He recalls, “On one occasion, I even found myself in a crack house, crawling around on the rug on my hands and knees looking for any cocaine that might have fallen on the floor. There were cockroaches running around and maggots in the sink from all the unwashed dishes. A crying baby could be heard, unattended in a back room. Yet there I was on the floor, right along with the baby’s mother, searching frantically for white specs on the floor. If we found anything white, we’d put it in the bowl and smoke it, even if we didn’t know what it was.” 

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