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Answering Mormonism about their view to the Church. BY: Admin Coco

Answering Mormonism about their view to the Church.

The Mormon View of the Church Stated:

– The Church was apostatize.
– Mormonism is the restoration of the original church through Joseph Smith.

First, the original Church does not and will never be apostatize because as Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 “Even the gates Hades will not overcome to his body the Church”. To believe that the church founded by Jesus Christ was fell away shows a very weak view of Jesus; it is same as saying Jesus cannot stand to the enemies of the Church.

Acts 20:30 speaks of deceievers coming in to destroy the church, BUT NOT the entire church will become apostate.

Mormonism is not the True Church and Joseph Smith is not the NEW restorer of the Church.

Because the original church did not apostate as I mention above and Jesus founded the Church through Apostle Peter means “Rock”.

In addition: Joseph Smith had 27 wives and Brigham Young his successor married 53 women. So how come these people who practiced polygamy become the restorer of the Church?

The Church is Holy because the Founder is Holy.

The church will never become Holy if the founder and restorer of the Church is someone like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

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