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Many Anti – Catholics denomination, especially here in the Philippines said that Catholics are not Christian. Catholics are Christians because Christian defines as anyone who professes faith in Christ and has been validly baptized by water baptism (washing, immersion with Trinitarian formula).

Many Protestants do not use the term Christian the way as Catholics did. Different protestant denominations have their own different meaning to determine what or who is Christian., For them, Christians are those people who “Accepted Jesus Christ as Personal Lord and Savior” or those who say that they are saved by “Faith Alone”. Because Catholics do not use the protestant way, they consider Catholics as non-Christians.

For those who encounter this issue, I would like to share this point for them to be able to recognize that Catholics are Christian.

1. Catholics are the Real Christians.

2. The Catholic Church is the only Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ, which he said would never pass away (Matt 16:18).

3. History, Scripture, and many references prove that the Catholic Church is Christian.

4. Without the Catholic Church, you will never know Christianity.

5. The First Christians recognized baptism for you to be able to become a Christian. Only Protestant Denomination denies it.

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