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By: Pastor Manny


No, because marriage vow should be enforced when both couples said: “Till death do us part.” You don’t have a marriage contract without marriage, and you don’t have marriage without marriage vows. That’s just how important marriage vows are.


Personally, I feel that it’s better to not legalize divorce and senators should look for adding grounds to annulment by adopting from the Canon law of the Catholic Church that can be defended from a secular point of view.

These grounds that can be added could be:


Ground 1. Error About a Quality of a Person

“Can. 1097 Error about a person renders a marriage invalid [1].”

The questions relevant to that ground are seen below:

“Was there a certain quality or trait that either you or your former spouse were looking for in a prospective husband or wife (for example, a certain social status, marital status, education, a certain profession, religious conviction, freedom from addiction or disease, freedom from an arrest record)? Did you or your former spouse consider that trait so important in a prospective spouse that you would marry only someone who possessed that trait? Would this marriage have been called off if the other person did not possess that quality? When it was learned that you or your former spouse did not possess that quality, did the other spouse react with shock or surprise? Did you separate immediately afterward, or did your marital relationship change immediately afterward [2]?”


Ground 2. Error Concerning the Indissolubility of Marriage

“Can. 1099 Provided it does not determine the will, error concerning the unity or the indissolubility or the sacramental dignity of marriage does not vitiate matrimonial consent [1].”

The questions relevant to that ground are seen below:

“Were either you or your former spouse reared in a home with no religious practice? Were either of you from a family background in which there were multiple instances of divorce and remarriage? Did either of your families consider divorce and remarriage acceptable or desirable? Did either you or your former spouse believe that your marriage would not be permanent? Did you sign a pre-nuptial agreement because you thought the marriage might not be permanent? Did either of you accept the idea of a “trial” marriage, with the understanding that you could divorce if it did not work out? If you and your former spouse had been told that divorce and remarriage would be impossible for any reason, would either of you have backed out of the marriage [2]?”


More grounds can be adopted from the Canon law of the Catholic Church. In fact, the concept of annulment is even adopted from the Catholic Church. There are many ways to address the situations of people who may want to have “divorce” without contradicting what marriage really is all about.

By definition, a marriage with divorce option is like a triangle with four sides.


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