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3 Ex-Satanists Come Home to the Catholic Church

Here are stories shared by three Catholics who are ex-Satanists, who now publicly share their stories in various public Catholic forums as both speakers and writers Jim Graves The world of a Satanist is a secretive one, which typically involves indulging the passions and mocking all things Christian, particularly Catholic. A few respond to grace […]

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Bakit nga ba kulay violet ang suot ng mga Pari tuwing Kuwaresma?

  Ang suot ng mga Pari na kulay Violet tuwing kuwaresma ay tinatawag na (Vestment) ang vestment ay mayroong iba’t – ibang kulay at mayroon din itong iba’t-ibang kahulugan. Dahil tungkol sa kuwaresma ang aking Paksa ay aking tatalakayin kung ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng Violet na Vestment ng isang Pari. Tuwing Kuwaresma kapansin […]

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Catholic Church in China continues to grow despite persecution

Nearly 50,000 people, possibly more, were baptized into the Catholic Church in 2017 according to Fides, the news outlet for the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The report was published on February 15. The official count is 48,566, however, it is suspected that more were baptized in rural areas and went uncounted. It is […]

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The Catholic Church in the time of Lenten Season

A Special Lenten Article by Admin Sikolohistang Tagapagtanggol The Catholic Church has been preparing for this season for around 2000 years. Why? Because this season is the best time for the faithfuls to reconcile and repent to God. And this is also the best time for conversion to the Catholic Church which will be held […]

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It is not only the criticisms of other religions that tested my faith as a Catholic but also their comparison of the Bible and the Qur’an particularly their claim that the Bible is corrupted. Did I become a die-hard Catholic because there are many Catholics? Did I become a die-hard Catholic because religious organizations such […]