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Pope Francis praises pro-life cause: ‘There is no more important work’

May 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Mainstream media outlets have trumpeted Pope Francis’ description of climate change as one of the “principal challenges facing humanity,” and youth unemployment as among “the most serious evils” today. He famously suggested the Church should focus less on fighting abortion, and lauded Italy’s leading promoter of abortion as one of […]

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Catholic priest tops list of CNN heroes for sheltering persecuted Christians

Last week, CNN published a list of 20 ‘heroes behind the news’. The series was compiled over three months, after the CNN Heroes series asked CNN correspondents and anchors to look back and describe their personal heroes. Topping the list? Fr. Khalil Jaar, a Catholic priest in Jordan who has sheltered ISIS refugees in his parish […]

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Russia court considers Jehovah’s Witnesses ban

Russia’s Supreme Court has begun hearing a government request to outlaw the Jehovah’s Witnesses and declare it an extremist organisation. The justice ministry has already placed its headquarters near St Petersburg on a list of extremist groups. An estimated eight million people worldwide are part of the Christian-based movement, best known for going door to […]

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A million Dutertes can’t destroy the Catholic Church —bishops Published April 1, 2017 2:21pm Reacting to President Rodrigo Duterte’s incessant reproach to the Church, Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes on Church-run Radyo Veritas said Saturday that the Lord Jesus had made an assurance that even the “gates of hell” would fail to destroy her.  “The Lord […]