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Catholic Marriage BY: Admin Coco

Catholic Marriage.

Full Question: Does the Catholic Church allows Two Catholic couples to be married outside the Church. Ex. Resort, beach wedding etc.

Answer: Two Catholics must be married in the Church, the appropriate place for the celebration of the sacrament of matrimony no other place is appropriate for the marriage of two Catholic couple and the church is the house of the Living God.

How about a Catholic and non-catholic?

Well a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian can get married in the Church or outside the catholic church(ex. Beach wedding, resort etc) with a dispensation(approval) from his / her bishop, they can also marry in the non-Catholic church. A Catholic and a non-Christian can get married in the Church or any other suitable place (the marriage is not sacramental), but the Catholic will need a dispensation from the bishop to marry a non-Catholic without it, your marriage will not be valid.

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