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DCF Admins Reflection, Messages about the last CFD Natcon 2017

The 40th National Convention that held in Siena College Quezon City is a very great event in the History of especially in Luzon Chapters, as the P.R.O of CFD QC Chapter, it is a great opportunity to be part of this wonderful event. Because of the successful event of the said National Convention, I cannot imagine that by the next year 2018 the CFD Natcon will be held again in Metro Manila. It is another blessing for us because you know CFD Metro Manila is the newest CFD Chapter unlike the Chapter of Cebu and Davao which is already a Legend. So it is really a pleasure for us that 40th and the upcoming 41st CFD National Convention will be held again in Manila. Please pray for this upcoming wonderful event in 2018. See you there! 

~ Admin Coco, Founder of DCF Fanpage

As members of Catholic Faith Defenders, let us set aside our differences. Let us be united. It does not matter if you have been unfriended or you have unfriended on Facebook. When we meet face to face, we have to be united and also when we converse in Facebook threads. Despite setting aside our differences, we still have to correct heresies even those within our ranks because we must submit to authority especially to bishops who are successors to the apostles and the Pope who is the successor of Peter. We must also be united in correcting people within our ranks who use the Bible in an inventing manner. We must refrain from private interpretations just for the purpose of winning. Our goal is the salvation of soul so let us improve our prayer life also.

See you next National Convention! PRO DEO ET ECCLESIA! #CFDNatCon17

~ Admin Katolikong Manalo



As a member of the Defenders of the Faith of our forefathers, I am happy with the outcoming and the success of the event, and I look forward to the next National Convention to be held again here in Manila and maybe at that time we will gain more Catholic faith defenders in our surrounding cities as well and we will be permitted and supported by the local ordinaries in our respective dioceses. Pro Deo et Patria, Pro Deo et Ecclesia!

~ Admin Chinoy

This was the first National Convention that I attended and it was an awesome experience meeting CFDs in one great event. So far, everyone’s courteous despite minimal differences of viewpoints in some issues.

I was completely in love in Marian dogma, having been explained by our amazing speakers. We knew that these were very controversial and complicated topics but our respected speakers manage to discuss it in simpler and more comprehensible manner.

I can not just exchange my learnings here from any other things in the world. I appreciate our Blessed Virgin Mother more than ever. And hopefully, like me, we all must realize that she is our perfect example of routing the life with holiness, total purity, and submission to God.
Being an apologist is not easy. People would question your credibility of defending the faith, even your own family in Christ. But it’s actually not about bragging the ideologies per se. It’s not just mere defending because of the truth. More importantly, it is about the goal of saving souls. Saving heartful prayers for everyone. Making everyone united with us in the Body of Christ, mantled in the warmth of embrace of our loving Mother, like how she loved our dear God from His birth until His very last breath on Earth.

~ Admin CeeCee

See you again in CFDNATCON2018.  

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