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Faithful warned against false relics

Rev. Fr. Dionisio Selma (via Facebook/MANILA BULLETIN)

Published June 13, 2018, 8:10 AM
By Christina Hermoso

A Catholic Church leader has warned the faithful against false relics that are being sold and used as amulets or “anting-anting.”

Rev. Fr. Dionisio Selma, prior superior of the Order of Augustinian Recoletos said, relics are either parts of the body or items that are either used or worn by a canonized individual.

“In order to be authentic, there must be proper documentation. There are false relics that are being sold,” said Fr. Selma during the recent visit of the relics of Saint Augustine at the San Sebastian Church.

“These cannot be sold nor used as amulets. The relics are a means to which God acts. They are the cause of healing, They are instruments of God. But they are not ‘anting-anting’ and they are not magic,” the priest added in his homily.

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