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A photo of Bro. Duane Cartujano.

It is not only the criticisms of other religions that tested my faith as a Catholic but also their comparison of the Bible and the Qur’an particularly their claim that the Bible is corrupted.

Did I become a die-hard Catholic because there are many Catholics? Did I become a die-hard Catholic because religious organizations such as the “Flock of the Divine Mercy,” to which I belong, are happy? Was I convinced the Catholic Church is the right place of worship because many cancer patients in this community get well? All these things helped but they are not the main reasons I got converted to Catholicism. I was convinced this was the true Church established by Jesus Christ because of the Bible, History and the Church Fathers.

Many of my friends found out on social media that I belonged to a Baptist church before. Yet, I did not share the full details thereof because of the numerous journeys I went through. I wish to share them one by one and how they happened until I was persuaded that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ.


I was born a Catholic, the kind who heard Mass every Sunday and prayed before sleeping. I thought that the true Catholic only had to go to Mass and ask God for the forgiveness of sins. I was exposed to many vices ever since high school. Some seminarians went to our school to catechize but I did not pay attention to what they said. My grandmother owned a bible but I did not read it like other Catholics who put their bibles on the altar where they accumulated dust. I was also a fan of superstitious beliefs and thought that what the Catholic Church taught was just part of Catholic traditions.

I did not care about my faith. All I cared about were my friends, regardless of whether they were good or bad influences. I joined gangs and did nothing but create trouble. I was involved in many sorts of disturbance. Many people were mad at me to the point that I no longer dared to walk around for fear of being assaulted. Yet, I thank God because He did not allow me to be swallowed by the ills of society.

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