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Pastor Noon, Katoliko na ngayon




If I die sharing how blessed I am to be a Catholic
I don’t mind dying and dying again and again.

We will all depart soon maybe not now but we will end
It’s just at least I will be dying happy and grateful where I stand.

Life is full of judgments and struggles as long as we live
This is not our true home we only rest for a while and let’s forgive.

And the final rest is in Him what we all need
The Real and true rest in peace is to be with Jesus that forgives.

Oh Mary my Mother, thank you, my dear
Help me face my weaknesses and all the fears
Your love and kindness is a consolation to me
From all the sufferings and pains let it be.

Holy Saints and Angels of God
To whom I hate before but now I love and adore
Pray for me in this journey of faith and not to be bad
That I may pass with the power of Almighty God.

To you my dear Catholic stand and still
Love your faith no matter how ill.

This is the True Church the Church whom he loves the most
And I am sure of that hundred of fold no matter how cost.

Stay Catholic and die, the reward is no here but there is above
Remember the words of God and saints who are now like a dove.

Our pains and suffering here will be greatly rewarded sooner with the most love As long as we believe that Jesus is a great our Almighty God.


Bro. Noe Dora
Pastor Noon, Katoliko ngayon

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