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Pope Francis: Gay Couples Cannot Be Considered Families in the Image of God


Last Saturday, Pope Francis spoke out about the definition of a family saying only in the image of God, only the union between man and woman can be considered one.

The Supreme Pontiff’s remarks came last Saturday whilst speaking to a delegation of Italy’s Forum of Family Associations in Rome on the 25th anniversary of their founding. The group is a network of over five hundred Catholic lay associations that work to influence society on the family in a positive way. Following a prepared speech, Pope Francis chose to give some off-the-cuff remarks about the identity of families in the image of God.

Pope Francis’ comments come ahead of his papal visit to Ireland in August for the World Meeting of Families. He spoke on the various type of families we often talk about today, often using the term in the analogical sense.

“Today, it is hard to say this, we speak of ‘diversified’ families: different types of families. It is true that the word ‘family’ is an analogical word, because we speak of the ‘family’ of stars, ‘family’ of trees, ‘family’ of animals … it is an analogical word.”

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