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Prayer to the Saints Is More Biblical Than You Realize


Prayer to the saints remains one of the enduring sticking points in Catholic-Protestant dialogues.

As always, from the Catholic side, a disclaimer is in order: We do not need something to be in the Bible in order for us to necessarily have as part of our faith or practice. The word Trinity is not in the Bible yet it is at the core of our faith. That Jesus is one in being with the Father is equally essential to the creed yet again the vocabulary we use to profess this is not directly biblical.

That said, the biblical evidence for prayer to the saints is stronger than many realize. Some great work on this front has been done by Alan Schreck in Catholic and Christianand also by apologist Dave Armstrong, most recently in an incisive blog post over at the National Catholic Register. I added my own thoughts to this discussion in one of my earliest pieces for Catholic Exchange here.

But much of the evidence that has been marshaled to date supports the practice of venerating the saints or believing that they pray or intercede for us. For example, it’s hard not to read Revelation 5 as anything other as a clear-cut statement that the saints are praying for us in heaven.

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