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Protestantism speaks a different language then the 2000 year old church.

By: Luke Haskell

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When Catholics ask Mary for prayer or some even say Mary the cause of our salvation, we are not putting Mary above God. Mary compared to God is infinitesimal, less then an ant, infinitely inferior to God, but it is humility that crushes pride and leads to wisdom. Satan’s pride fears humility as an ultimate weapon against him. God chose Mary who said yes. This yes created the East gate; the gate into time for the incarnate God who subjected himself to His mother in helplessness. Who washed the road warn feet of the apostles. Who was stripped, blind folded beat and spat on and said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Paul says spiritual things need to be spiritually examined. He said if our gospel be veiled it is veiled to those who are perishing. It was veiled to those outside the church who were persecuting the church. Luke hides in his gospel the wisdom that Mary is the true ark of the covenant that cannot be touched by sin. At the foot of the cross Christ gives His mother to the disciple whom He loved which represents the church. He calls her ” Woman” in order to let us in on the salvation mystery. The ” woman” will crush your head. ( pride) And I saw an ark then a great wonder, flashes of lightning; a metamorphosis, the ark becomes a woman clothed with the sun ( my soul doth magnify the Lord. He has done great things to me) the woman gives birth to a man child who rules with an iron rod. The Dragon goes to make war with the seed of the woman.

Those who have been raised in the false exegesis of anti Catholic teaching and have very limited understanding of scripture, even say that Constantine paganized the church and Rome made Mary into a pagan queen mother. It is in the 2nd century Fathers writings, Justin martyrs first apology where he explains that Satan created paganism to keep humanity from Catholic truth; cause and effect. Solomon set a chair to his right for his mother and said that he should never deny her request. These are mysteries of heaven. Those who wanted to get close to king Solomon approached him through the queen mother. Christ is King in the line of David which makes Mary the queen mother. On her head was a crown of 12 stars. She was coronated by God.

He shall be a sign of contradiction and a sword will pierce your heart so that thoughts of many may be revealed. Why does God want thoughts to be revealed through our queen mother who has the ear and the heart of the King?

Because loving the mother of God is humility which crushes the head ( pride) of Satan. Because asking Mary for prayers takes those prayers and raps them in the love of the sorrowful mother who participated in Christ’s salvation, at the cross as only a mother can. Because He let her start the salvation mystery at the wedding feast of Cannon which began the Holy Mass, the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Arise O Lord into thy resting place, you and the ark which you have sanctified.

These are teachings that were present from the beginning of Christianity hundreds of years
the Catholic church put together the Bible. Hundreds of years before Constantine.

It is called respect, honor, and humility.

“In the Catholic Church we use three terms:
Worship is the highest form of prayer to God Alone.

1. Latria = (in the Roman Catholic Church) supreme worship allowed to God alone.

2. Dulia = (in Roman Catholic theology) the reverence accorded to saints and angels.

3. Hyperdulia = Roman Catholicism. veneration of the Virgin Mary as the holiest of creatures.

Veneration means a high level of respect and admiration.

the Holy Eucharist is about God, …not Mary. Think about it.

Mary always points the way to Jesus and says “Do whatever He tells you.”

My faith is placed in Christ Jesus and his promise that nothing will prevail against his church. I have absolute faith in his promise and authority passed on to the apostles and from the apostles and down to their disciples through out and till this very day.”

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