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By: Admin Pastor Manny

In this particular post, I am defining a pro-homosexuality crowd as people who are supporting and promoting homosexuality. Hindi to tumutukoy sa people who may be homosexuals but doing everything they can to live a Christian life by resisting temptation. What you see below is a photo na nakita ko some days ago that attempts to promote homosexuality [1]. Rather than just giving replies sa mga points na binanggit dito, I will be giving questions to the pro-homosexuality crowd and hopefully, if may mga tao who promote homosexuality who will see these questions, they can reflect and even comment their answers below.
Question #1: Is it also natural to be promiscuous, practice necrophilia and pedophilia?
One of the arguments that you will see dito sa photo ay ang idea that it’s natural to be homosexual dahil nakikita to sa iba’t ibang uri ng hayop. Other than the idea that calling homosexuality unnatural is supposed to be understood philosophically in the sense that it is “disordered” or that the ends of homosexuality is not ordered towards procreation, this argument is even consistent, even in their own ideology. If gagamitin natin ang examples that they used makikita natin that there are animals that are promiscuous, not monogamous. It means that they had multiple partners. There are different animals, 10 listed by Live Science, na hindi loyal sa kanilang partner such as bonobos, spotted hyena, walruses, lions, etc [2]. And yet, they claim that homosexuals should not be promiscuous to the point na minsan, sinisisi pa ang fact na walang same-sex marriage sa Philippines why they are choosing to practice having multiple partners. If ang basis ng objective fact natin ay makikita sa actions ng animals, why are they not supporting the idea of decriminalizing adultery?
Even using the cases of penguins, there are examples that they are committing necrophilia, sexual acts toward the dead penguins, and pedophilia, sexual acts toward the younger penguins. In a post in New York Daily News, it says:
“NECROPHILIA, RAPE and PEDOPHILIAare just some of the sex acts an Antarctic explorer observed in Adélie PENGUINS in 1910 and recorded in a pamphlet so graphic that it’s been hidden for over 100 YEARS [3] [emphasis added].”
And yet, alam natin na it’s absurd to justify those acts to be natural just because some animals, even the animals that they are citing, are doing such acts.
Question #2: Why does same-sex parenting looks good on paper?
Another argument that is made is that homosexuality should be promoted since homosexual couples who adopt children just do good similar to heterosexual couple. It’s true in some sense na makikita mo yun in paper or in statistics. However, may mga factors na kailangan iconsider why this seems to be the case on paper. These factors include the number of studies and the longevity of those studies. Unting studies pa lang ang meron na related sa same-sex parenting subject and hindi kinoconsider ang status ng bata kapag umabot na siya ng teen years or adulthood. American Psychiatric Association, who supported same-sex parenting, said:
“Although studies of adolescent and young adult offspring of lesbian and gay parents are available (e.g., Gershon et al., 1999; Tasker & Golombok, 1997; Wainright et al., 2004), relatively FEW STUDIES have focused on the offspring of lesbian or gay parents during ADOLESCENCE or ADULTHOOD [4] [emphasis added].”
Even if may mga studies na nagpapakita na maayos lang ang same-sex parenting, maraming issues sa studies na to such as the methodology which make the conclusion na sinasabi nila to almost have no bearing at all. Still, the subjective experience should not be the basis for objective public policy given na ginagamit din nila to as an argument for same-sex marriage.
Question #3: Should incest couples be allowed to be married?
Tulad ng nabanggit ko, they usually say that same-sex parenting is an argument why same-sex marriage should be given legal recognition. However, we have to consider their position as well na they don’t want to support others types of marriages tulad ng “incest marriage” or marriage sa pagitan ng relatives like siblings. And yet, you have cases ng mga magkakapatid na nag aadopt ng mga children. A post from goodhousekeeping.com said:
“Tracy and Sherrie Smith are not your average parents. In fact, they’re not even people you’d expect to be raising children together — the thirty-something women, who just ADOPTED SIX CHILDREN, are SISTERS [5] [emphasis added].”
Granted, these sisters don’t seem to be incest couples. They are just sisters who love to adopt children. So, if ang sagot nila sa question ko ay “no” despite the fact that siblings can adopt children, why are they using adoption as an argument to promote same-sex marriage?
Maybe, ang reason kung bakit human beings lang ang nag-iisang being sa animal kingdom na “homophobic” ay dahil tayo lang ang nag-iisang rational beings sa animal kingdom, and I think we should be using that rationality given to us by God.

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[4] https://www.apa.org/pi/lgbt/resources/parenting-full.pdf
[5] https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/inspirational-stories/news/a41569/two-sisters-adopt-six-children/

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