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Rodney B. Orjaleza Conversion Story From Aglipayan to Catholicism

My name is Rodney B. Orjaleza presently residing in Zamboanga City, Philippines. I am now 47 years old and its more than 17 years already since my conversion to Catholicism.

I was born and baptized under a Protestant Church called The Philippine Independent Church founded by Gregorio Aglipay. When I grew up, I was raised by my grandparents who belong also to another Protestant church called United Church of Christ in the Philippines.

I was taught from my childhood that Catholicism is the root of evil and poverty in my country. It is the Spaniards who brought Catholicism in the Philippines as a means to manipulate our sovereignty and freedom; and to take away our land.

During my youth days, I was a Church leader who is very active in evangelizing and teaching people on how evil is Roman Catholic Church. I got involved in many church projects trying to convince people to join not in any Catholic Church activities.

However, despite from being mean to the Catholic Church, I remain very loyal and close to the God I knew. I pray always. I treat Him as somebody who is just my close friend. Every decision I made I always consulted Him. I always asked God even on trivial matters like whether to turn right or left or go straight ahead when walking. I would ask Him whether I would now go to a barbershop to trim my hair; what shoes to wear; what books to read and things like that.

One time when I was 15 years old, I asked God to please allow me first to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse before He would end my life. I asked Him to give me a wife that is voluptuous, with big breasts and attractive legs – a wife that for Him would be his most favorite female creation.

After a week, I dreamed that I was already going to heaven dressed in all white and there I meet my future wife. There, a certain Rebecca met me. She is a fat old woman, with curly hair and very brown complexion. She pointed to me at her back a woman in quite a distant from us dressed also in white of which Rebecca told me that that will be my future wife. Rebecca gave me some phone numbers where I could possibly contact my future wife.

I feel dismayed in my dream for two reasons: 1. The lady I saw as my future wife though her face is a kind of blurred but her body figure is very clear to me. She is very slim. I asked God, how would I be attracted to a slim woman? This is the kind of figure that is really not my type in the first place; and 2. I could not recall any of the phone numbers this Rebecca had given me. So how would I be able to know or meet my future wife?

The only clue that remained is the name Rebecca and her vivid physical characteristics. From then, I met several women and every time I have a relationship with them I always asked if they happened to know a certain Rebecca. Unfortunately, all the women I met have no known  Rebecca in their life.

When I was already 25 years old or 10 years from my dream, it happened that I was assigned to work as Administrative Assistant in a company in Cebu City who is responsible in answering complaints through long distance phone calls from our other branch offices in the country. I have a special caller from our branch in Zamboanga City whom I was kind of struck every time I heard her voice. I felt in love with this girl in the other side of the line until we became special friends or lovers through phone calls only. This goes for more than 3 years without us seeing each other personally. At that time 1995, there was yet no cellphone or video call available in our place. We are just using the company phones in getting us know each other well.

When this special girl from Zamboanga decided to take a Board Exam in Cebu City in 1998 or 3 years after we know each other through phone, I felt very excited for at last I will be meeting her now in flesh.

When we finally meet in person, I asked her if she knew somebody named Rebecca, and she promptly answered in the affirmative. She said that Rebecca Torralba Asombrado is her Aunt and Godmother. She fondly called her as her “Ninang Beka”. I almost lost consciousness when she showed me the picture of this Rebecca that exactly resembled to the Rebecca I dreamed 10 years ago. Three years after, I married this special girl who is now my wife.

My ‘future wife’ experience leads me to be more curious now about God. So I go into kind of ‘seek you first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you’. For a fact, it is very clear that He guiding me. So, to know more about God, I joined many religions groups; read Quran; study Judaism and attended many religious gatherings just to feel what right religion God wants me to belong. Unfortunately, I have found none to be genuine and true. Being frustrated, I just stopped attending Church fellowships and instead I decided to just pray directly to God.

In one of my direct prayers to God, I asked forgiveness that I would be marrying the girl He gave me but through Civil wedding only as I am short of money. I even kind of blame Him, just like a friend finding fault to his fellow friend. I told God that this is His fault for not making me rich so I could have given to this woman He wants me to marry an elegant church wedding.

A day after I made that prayer, my officemate friend invited me go to eat with him as his brother in law who just arrived from US will be giving their family a sumptuous lunch. At first, I did not accept his offer for I would feel to be out of place because the lunch was intended only for their family, but he insisted. So, I joined him and meet his rich Filipino brother in law from California. The first question his brother in law asked me is whether I am still single or married already. I answered that I am engaged already and to be married soon in a civil wedding. When he heard about civil wedding, his voice suddenly raised in protest, saying that wedding outside the church is a sin. There I knew that my friend’s brother in law is a devoted Catholic.

To my great surprised, my friend’s brother in law demanded that I should go to a church wedding and considering that I could not afford to have it, he insisted to shoulder all the expenses.  Since I have no idea what church to go as I am not Catholic, my friend’s brother in law lectured me about Catholicism.

Three points that hit me and they are:

1. Matthew 16: 18, this in connection with the latest archeological findings that Peter was indeed buried beneath St. Peter’s Basilica and was covered by rocks. In all places why Peter died and buried in Rome? Is this a coincidence or a fulfillment of a prophecy. This to me is a clear fulfillment of Christ prophecy that Peter will become a rock – a cornerstone of our Faith and the Roman Catholic Church is truly the one referred to by Christ. History, archeological findings, biblical passage and faith have intertwined into one, pointing in one direction to the Roman Catholic Church as the one true Church established by God himself.

2. I heard it very loud and clear this resounding God’s commandment that says “ Do this in remembrance of me” { Luke 22:19}. Catholic Church only is the one following this order to the letter. Other Christian denominations are not doing this. They just go praising and fellowship and nothing more.

3. Church Tradition precedes the Bible. Without the tradition and Church Magisterium, Bible would not have come to existence. Catholic is anchored on these three: Magisterium, Tradition and Bible. Tradition must come first before the Bible, and not the other way around. Only Catholic have these three foundations the rest only is based in Bible alone.

4. Catholic is the only church that celebrates these two important events, the birthday of Jesus {December 24} and of John the Baptist {June 24}. Nature itself have manifested the significance of these days which make Catholic as the true and genuine religion because June 24 is always described by science as the “longest day” and December 24 as the ”longest night”. It looks as if no less than Nature itself is affirming these two great events that the Church is celebrating. So there is no doubt that the Church is right.

I was baptized as Roman Catholic before my wedding. My church wedding proceeded and it happened on the Feast of Archangels September 29, 2001. The angels and archangels indeed manifested its power as all expenses in my wedding become absolutely free. On top of the substantial monetary help that my friend’s brother in law gave, sponsorships were pouring in. From the choir, reception, car entourage, flower arrangement and even hotel accommodation and flight expenses of guests were all free.

God is really marvelous. He lead me to path that I cannot see, in ways that I cannot comprehend and in a journey that only He could understand. All I could say now is that in all ways, means and ends my only prayer is that His Will must be done.

We are now blessed with three kids, one girl and two boys. He continued to guide us manifested through dreams like when He gave names to my children. These 3 children of mine, I dreamed them all before they were born. I would know if my wife is pregnant because I will always have a dream. In my dream I will be told how my wife will undergo her pregnancy, what day the baby will be born and their respective names.

I am now like Saul who become St. Paul. The church that I prosecuted much before is now the church that I am defending with all my life. I know that the Roman Catholic Church is the one true church founded by Jesus not because I read it, learned it or was told about it; but because I have lived it and God leads me to it.

To my surprised, lately my only sister and mother who is now 75 years old converted also to Catholicism without me asking them to be one. On their own, they decided to convert also. Truly, this is God’s will.

Thank you.

RODNEY B. ORJALEZA    125 Masuhud Drive, Barangay Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines 062-9841785 / 09257124403 [email protected]








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