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SAINT OF THE DAY | Saint Anselm



Saint Anselm is considered the first of the Scholastics, a group of western theologians that was to culminate nearly two hundred years after him in the thought and writing of Saint Thomas Aquinas. In the “Prosologion” (1077-1078) he argued for the existence of God, postulating that God as the greatest good that can be conceived must certainly exist. “De Incarnatione Verbi” advances his teaching on the mystery of the incarnation. In his greatest work, “Cur Deus Homo” (“Why God Became Man”), he views Christ’s death in light of God’s mercy and love.

Anselm was declared a “Doctor of the Church” by Pope Clement XI in 1720. Even today his writings hold interest for the breadth of intellect they display, for the theological thought expressed, and for the very real problems and personalities that he encountered in an event-filled life. Saint Anselm’s feast day is April 21st. | c. StAnselmBayridgeOrg

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