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In the Philippines, the soon-to-be tallest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world is about to be ready

Daniel Esparza | Oct 13, 2019 Almost 100 meters (315 feet) high, the statue is expected to be concluded in 2021, marking the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines Designed by the renowned (and recently deceased) constructivist Filipino sculptor Eduardo De Los Santos Castrillo, the Marian monument-sculpture-shrine of The Mother of All Asia, also called “The Tower […]

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Satanists force Baphomet statue onto grounds of Arkansas state capitol

 John Burger | Aug 17, 2018 Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple challenges presence of Ten Commandments monument Outside the Arkansas state capitol, it’s starting to look a little like a replay of the famous contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Last year, following approval in 2015 by the state legislature, a Ten Commandments monument was […]

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Pope: ‘The Mass is not a show,’ put away the phones!

Can I hear an ‘Amen’? Check this out:  On Wednesday a fiery Pope Francis chastised those who spend Mass talking to others, looking at their phone or even taking pictures during papal liturgies, saying these are distractions that take focus away from the “heart of the Church,” which is the Eucharist. “The Mass is not a […]

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10 babies dressed as the pope for Halloween

President Barack Obama greeted a young child dressed as the Pope and riding in a ‘Popemobile’ as he handed out treats for Halloween at the White House in 2015. Source: Holy cuteness: 10 babies dressed as the pope for Halloween These adorable pontiffs win Halloween, hands down. Get ready to see swarms of tiny superheroes, […]