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    SHROPSHIRE, ENGLAND ( – An internationally renowned Anglican bishop and former chaplain to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is leaving the Anglican Church to become a Catholic.      Bishop Gavin Ashenden will be received into full communion by Shrewsbury’s Bp. Mark Davies on the fourth Sunday of Advent at Shrewsbury Cathedral, England. The outspoken prelate became […]

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Catholic Church in the United States Will Welcome 30,000 Thousands of New Catholics at Easter Vigil Masses

March 28, 2018 WASHINGTON—Dioceses across the country will be welcoming thousands of people into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil liturgy on the evening of March 31.  As the culmination of the Easter Triduum, the vigil celebrates the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. While people can become Catholic at any time of the […]

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Catholic Church in China continues to grow despite persecution

Nearly 50,000 people, possibly more, were baptized into the Catholic Church in 2017 according to Fides, the news outlet for the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The report was published on February 15. The official count is 48,566, however, it is suspected that more were baptized in rural areas and went uncounted. It is […]

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It is not only the criticisms of other religions that tested my faith as a Catholic but also their comparison of the Bible and the Qur’an particularly their claim that the Bible is corrupted. Did I become a die-hard Catholic because there are many Catholics? Did I become a die-hard Catholic because religious organizations such […]

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14 Reasons I Returned to the Church

What keeps us in this fractious, frustrating, glorious, impossible Church? Thomas L. McDonald  1. Jesus is Lord The incarnation is the pivot point of history. God became man so that man could become God. Once you understand and accept this it’s like a thunderclap. I spent a long time not believing it. When I found […]

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Twelve Reasons a Protestant Pastor Became Catholic – The Eighth Reason

The following is part of an ongoing series by Dr. Norman McCrummen.  We’ll be publishing another one of his reasons every week, so stay tuned!  Read previous installments: Introduction – First Reason – Second Reason – Third Reason – Fourth Reason – Fifth Reason – Sixth Reason – Seventh Reason I am Catholic because of EWTN (the Eternal Word Television Network). Over twenty years ago I started watching the network […]