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The Bible was Created by Catholic Church

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By: Luke Haskell

At the same time people were reading the books we see as accepted (many of which do not have the authors name on them,) they were also in diverse places reading from the Shepherd of Hermes, 1 Clement, Diatessaron, the gospel of Thomas, The Book of Enoch, The Protoevangelium of James, the Apocalypse of Peter, the Epistle of Barnabas, also believing these were inspired…and many others. At the Catholic Councils of Hippo in 393 and Carthage in 397 the Catholic Church guided by the Holy Spirit (I will not leave you orphans) solidified the cannon through the tradition handed down from the fathers. The canon was sent to pope Damasus who declared it to be the complete canon of the word of God which was not messed with until Luther a thousand years later. If The Catholic Church was not guided by the Holy Spirit in putting the canon together then you should not call your Bible in its entirety the Word of God. You have the 27 New Testament Books only the Catholic Church could have declared as authentic.

The entire New Testament was created by Catholic apostles who taught the seven sacraments and ordained Bishops, priests, and deacons establishing the authority of Gods church on earth through Christ. The Gospels and epistles were validated and defended by Catholic Church fathers and safeguarded through time. They were hidden from book burnings of pagan emperors by the church and its martyrs. In the monasteries scriptoriums were created that had a circle of rooms with a central furnace in order to keep their hands warm. Many monks ended up going blind or having severe arthritis. Their dedication to the scripture was a labor of Love of God. It was recopied over and over again as the life’s work of Catholic monks with incredible dedication until the printing press in which the first Bible produced on the press was a Catholic one. Thomas Moor wrote that when a language waxed Old the church always produced a Bible in the vernacular. The Bibles were chained to the pulpit because they were often stolen. A handwritten Bible was a very valuable item. For most who could not read, the liturgy of the word in the Mass provided them with readings from almost the entire Old Testament and New Testament over time along with lessons in moral theology and charity by the clergy. The stories of salvation were portrayed in stained glass and in the Stations of the Cross. They came to the Mass to learn how to be saved. We should also remember that the Jews had always kept their Bible in the Hebrew until the 19th Century. It was the Catholic Church that even in the days of the apostles begin to spread the gospel in all languages Old Testament and New; Coptic, Ethiopian, Armenian, Latin…

“Where Jesus Christ is there is the Catholic Church” – Ignatius

“After the invention of the printing press, prior to Luther’s Bible being published in German, there had been over 20 versions of the whole Bible translated into the various German dialects (High and Low) by Catholics. Similarly, there were several vernacular versions of the Bible published in other languages both before and after the Reformation. The Church did condemn certain vernacular translations because of what it felt were bad translations and anti-Catholic notes (vernacular means native to a region or country).The Catholic Douay-Rheims version of the whole Bible in English was translated from the Latin Vulgate. It was completed in 1610, ONE YEAR BEFORE THE KING JAMES VERSION WAS PUBLISHED. The New Testament had been published in 1582 and was one of the sources used by the KJV translators. The Old Testament was completed in 1610. The Latin Vulgate was always available to anyone who wanted to read it without restriction. Some Evangelicals have said that it would only have been usable by people who read Latin. But in the 16th Century there were no public schools and literacy was not that common, especially among the peasants. Those people who could read had been well educated and could read Latin. ”
Thank God for giving the world the Catholic Church that produced your Bible and spread faith, love and charity throughout the world.

“If they have persecuted me they will persecute you”.

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