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THE TRUE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST: Faith that Saves and the True Life of Grace

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Article by: Harvey Dayaday

Unbiased Iglesia ni Cristo Official Publication & Standard Intellectual References Answer: WHAT IS THE TRUE and BIBLICAL CHURCH of CHRIST? PASUGO Magazine, May 1968, p. 7: “There is only one true Church of Christ and it is the Church that Christ founded. If there are emerging churches now which are also claiming to be churches of Christ, know that they are not real churches but fakes.” PASUGO Magazine of the Iglesia ni Cristo, April 1965, p. 41: “We don’t question the claim of Catholic apologists that the Catholic Church alone could trace back its origin to the Apostles of Christ.” PASUGO Magazine, April 1966, p. 46: “Ang Iglesia Katolika, sa pasimula, ay siyang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo.” PASUGO Magazine, Mar-Apr 1981, p. 3: “The Church of Christ mentioned in Romans 16:16 is not meant for us, the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines, but for the Church of Christ established in the 1st century which is the Catholic Church.” PASUGO Magazine July-August 1988, p. 6:“Even secular history shows a direct time link between the Apostles of Christ to the Catholic Church which leads to the conclusion that the true Church of Christ is the Catholic Church.” PASUGO Magazine, Nov-Dec 1988, p.12:”The true Church of Christ which was established in Jerusalem in 33 A.D. is the Catholic Church.” PASUGO Magazine, March-April 1992, p. 22:“The Church of Christ of the Apostles became the Catholic Church of the bishops in the 2nd century.” ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why do the Iglesia ni Cristo leaders and members refuse to enter the Catholic Church when they are aware that the Catholic Church is the only true Iglesia ni Cristo? PASUGO Magazine, Enero 1964, p. 2:”Sa isang paksang nabasa sa nakaraang labas ng Pasugo sa Disyembre ay ipinaliwanag kung saan naroon ang Iglesyang itinayo ni Cristo noong unang siglo sa Jerusalem, ang Iglesia Katolika. Ngunit ito ay natalikud. Kaya walang natirang tupa si Cristo sa unang siglo. Nalipol na lahat.” ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Is it biblically true to say that the true Church founded by Christ “ay nalipol” at “natalikud”? PASUGO Magazine, May 1968, p. 5: “Ano ang katangian ng maging mga tupa ni Cristo? Sa Juan 10:28 ay ganito ang sabi: ‘At sila’y bibigyan ko ng walang hanggang buhay at kailan may HINDI SILA MALILIPOL at hindi aagawin ng sino man sa aking kamay.’ Bagkos ay isang dakilang kapalaran ang maging tupa at tauhan ni Cristo sapagka’t sila’y binigyan niya ng walang hanggang buhay at HINDI SILA MALILIPOL KAILANMAN.” MATTHEW 16:18 “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church.” MATTHEW 28:20″Go, therefore, to the whole world, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS EVEN UNTO THE CONSUMMATION OF THE WORLD.” ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Since the Iglesia Ni Cristo admitted it already that the Catholic Church is the true Iglesia ni Cristo seven times, and that the Christ will not turn its back from His Church and that His true Church will not be destroyed, who then does Iglesia ni Cristo identity as their founder? PASUGO, Aug-Sept 1964, p.5: “Kailan nagpatala sa pamahalaan o narehistro ang Iglesia ni Cristo sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na Felix Manalo ang nagtatag ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa Pilipinas.” PASUGO, May 1997, p. 11: “Way back July 27, 1914, the Church of Christ was registered with the Philippine Government. The registration paper stated among other things that Brother Felix Y. Manalo is the founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo.” HISTORICAL FACTS: CONTRA FACTUM NON ARGUMENTUM EST

1) YOUNG STUDENTS LEARNING ENCYLOPEDIA vol.15, p.2292: “For the first 1,000 years of Christianity, all Christians belong to the Catholic Church.”

2) ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA vol. 15, p. 985:“The Catholic Church is an organization founded by Jesus Christ in Jerusalem in the year 33 AD..”

3) THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE ENCYCLOPEDIA p. 287:“The Roman Catholic Church started its history in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago as the original disciples of Christ gathered in the upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit to come. The day in which the Holy Ghost came is the birthday of the Catholic Church.”

4) MERRIAM-WEBSTER’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD RELIGIONS 1999 edition, p. 932: “The Roman Catholic Church is a Christian Church with a highly developed doctoral and organizational structure. It can trace its history back to the original Apostles of Christ in the first century.”

5) GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA volume V, p. 106: “The Catholic Church is from the Greek which means “universal”. It is a divine society founded by Christ endowed by the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost.”

6) COMPTON’S ENCYCLOPEDIA 1996 edition: “The Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination that has always existed since the first century and is the only original and true Christian Church in history.”

7) YOUNG STUDENT’S ENCYCLOPEDIA volume 17, p. 261: “The Roman Catholic Church is the most ancient Christian denomination having its root in the first century.”

8) COMPTON’S ENCYCLOPEDIA AND FACTS INDEX vol. 20, p. 2024: “There were no separate sects or branches of Christianity as there are today. The word Catholic is Greek “katholis” meaning “universal”, a Church where all Christians belong for the first one thousand years of Christian history.”

9) THE NEW WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, INTERNATIONAL EDITION p. 155: “The Catholic Church is the original Christian Church before the schism of the Church between East and West and the division of the Reformation.”

10) WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS 1999 edition page 688 : “The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ who named Peter the first vicar, developed from Jewish proselytizing and led to the conversion of Imperial Rome in the 4th century.”

11) INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA volume 20, page 520: “The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ who had twofold natures, being human and divine.”

12) WEBSTER’S NEW EXPLORER ENCYCLOPEDIA page 1038: “The Catholic Church is the ancient church responsible for introducing Christianity in many parts of the world.”

CONCLUSION: The Catholic Church is the only true Church referred to by the Church accounts in the Bible. This Church is indestructible and invincible and will remain to be the Bride of Christ. There are no good arguments that exist in order to undermine this fact. Likewise, the Iglesia ni Cristo remains to be a religious group founded by Bro. Felix Manalo, not by Christ. As the Iglesia ni Cristo puts it, all the churches today are fakes except that which was originally founded by Christ in the first century, 33 A.D. in Jerusalem, which is the Catholic Church alone. This is where the Holy Spirit lives Who descended on Pentecost Day and this is where complete true teaching can be found.

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