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By: Bro D. Cartujano 

1.) Basta nakasutana, Roman Catholic Priest na (maliban sa Roman Catholic Priest, ang mga Pari ng Aglipayan Church, Prysbeterian Church, Anglican Church, Apostolic Catholic Church by Beloved Ingkong and Crusaders Of The Divine Church Of Christ Global ay sumusuot rin ng sutana).

2.) Basta may mabasa na “PARI” sa Bible ay Roman Catholic Priest na (Ang mababasang mga pari sa Bible ay Levitical Priest, The priest of Zeus, etc.)

3.) Basta may mabasang “Iglesia” sa Bible ay “Iglesia ni Cristo” na itinayo Felix Manalo noong July 27, 1914 (The Epistle to the Romans was written by Paul approx. 56 A.D.). Hindi pa itinatag ni Felix Manalo ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay naisulat na ni Apostle Paul ang Epistle to the Romans at mas marami pang naunang sekta na gumamit ng “Church of Christ”.

4.) Nakabasa lang ng “Queen of Heaven” sa Jeremiah 7:18 ay si Virgin Mary na ang pumasok sa isip nila. (Queen of heaven was a title of the goddess Ishtar. It is very likely that King Josiah ended, as best he could, sacrifices to
Ishtar, the queen of heaven.” (Page 102, Jeremiah 30-52 and Lamentations, by John M. Bracke))

5.) Nabasa lang nila ang John 3:16, John 14:6 at Ephesians 2:8-9 ay nagbigay na sila kaagad ng konklusyon na “Hindi na Importante ang Relihiyon” pero hindi pa nila nabasa o ayaw lang nilang intindihin ang James 1:27 at ang 1 Timothy 3:16 ng NRSV translation (Scholars choose the New Revised Standard Version as the overall best translation. It was translated by excellent Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic scholars under the aegis of the (USA) National Council of Churches.)

6.) Nabasa lang nila ang word na “Graven Images” sa Exodus 20:4 ay nagbigay na sila kaaagad ng konklusyon na nilalabag na ito ng Catholic Church dahil may mga “Sacred Images” sa mga kapilya ng mga Katoliko, hindi man lang nila inalam sa context ang kahulugan ng Hebrew word na “Tistachave” sa Exodus 20:5. Sina Gleason Leonard Archer Jr at Norman L. Geisler na mga kilalang “non-Catholic Bible scholars” ay nagbigay mismo ng commentary sa kanilang mga libro na the Big Book of Bible Difficulties at Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties hinggil sa Exodus 20:3-5 na ang talatang ito ay tumutukoy sa “Sin of Idolatry” na ang mga tao ay gumagawa ng mga Graven Images para kilalaning mga diyos. Sabi pa ni Norman L. Geisler, “Further, not all “images” are idols. Religious art contains images but it is not thereby idolatrous. God also instructed Moses to make cherubim (angels) for the ark, but they were not idols.”” Kung sa kaalaman lang sa Bibliya ang pag-uusapan, sino ang mas kapani-paniwala, ang mga madalas tumutuligsa na mga protestante sa Roman Catholic Church na gumagamit ng Exodus 20:3-5 para tuligsain ang mga “sacred images” sa kapilya o itong protestanteng scholar na si Norman L. Geisler na nagsasabing “Further, not all images are idols”?

7.) Kapag hindi nabasa ng word-for-word sa Bible ay mali na. Andaming bagay na umiiral sa mundo ang hindi mabasa ng word-for-word sa Bible pero umiiral. Halimbawa ang word-for-word na “polydactyly” ay hindi mo mababasa sa bible pero may polydactyly talaga sa bible – 2 Samuel 21:20.

8.) Kapag nakarinig ng “Lucifer” ay satanas na kaagad ang pumapasok sa isip nila. In latin Lucifer = lux (light) + ferro (to carry, bear) = “light bearer”. “et habemus firmiorem propheticum sermonem cui bene facitis adtendentes quasi lucernae lucenti in caliginoso loco donec dies inlucescat et lucifer oriatur in cordibus vestris” (2 Peter 1:9, Latin Vulgate Bible). The New Testament uses it symbolically to refer to Jesus: 2 Peter 1:19 says “be attentive … until the day dawns and the morning star (lucifer, i.e., the spirit of Jesus) rises in your hearts.” Lucifer came to be used in the middle Ages as a term for Satan. “A later tradition associated the word with evil, although the Bible does not use it as such.”(Holman Concise Bible Dictionary, Page 401.)

9.) Nakabasa lang ng “Far East” sa Bible, pilipinas na kaagad ang pumasok sa isip? The term “Far East” used in the world history of Boak, Slosson and Anderson, is the term used in Western Europe. To trace, “East”, we need to find out first what is geographical center? That is the point of reference. If your point of reference is Western Europe, we will see in the course of the east, the Philippines will be there. However, it is not the East anymore if your point of reference is not Western Europe. According to world history, Philippine Edition, Prof. Gregorio F. Zaide, p. 16: “The term ‘Far East’ is of Western connotation, being coined by western geographers, for in early times, European mariners had to sail into the East to reach China, Korea and Japan.” So, those who use “far east” to identify the Philippines are Western Europeans, geographers, and European geographers. It is called “far east”, which includes the Philippines, Japan and China, since they are at a great distance considering they use ocean-going vessels. This does not come from the Bible. If we base this on Isaiah 46:11, Far East for Isaiah means Western Europe was not his point of reference. Let us read Ezekiel 5:5: “Thus says the Lord God: This is Jerusalem; I have set her in the center of the nations, with countries all around her.”So, Jerusalem, the point of reference biblical for early Jews if
they point to north, east, south or west does not refer to London or Britain. If Jerusalem is our point of reference, then this distant east or Far East is not the Philippines.

10.) Nabasa lang ang “666” sa Revelation 13:16-18, ang Pope ng Roman Catholic Church kaagad ang pumasok sa isip nila. There is no genuine and competent New Testament scholar who will tell you the Pope is the Beast in Revelation 13:18.
One of the greatest New Testament Scholars of the 20th Century, Dr. Bruce Metzger said: “Who is the satanic beast, symbolized by the number 666? Over the centuries a very great deal of ingenuity has been expended in attempting to answer this question. A further complication arises from the fact that some ancient manuscripts of the book of Revelation give the number as 616 instead of 666. Among the names and titles have been proposed to solve the cryptogram, the most probable candidate is the Emperor Nero. If we add the numerical values in the Hebrew spelling of the name Neron Caesar we obtain 666; on the other hand, since his name can equally well be spelled without the last N, if we omit the final N, the total will be 616.” (Breaking the Code: Understanding the Book of Revelation with Study Guide by Bruce Metzger, Page 76-77)

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