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Reasons and Answers:

1. They Find the Mass Boring

– The Mass is not boring, it is solemn. It was instituted by Jesus at the Last Supper, the First Mass and the model that the Church follows in her liturgy because of her desire to be Faithful to Christ and his Apostles. Let us just remind ourselves that whenever we attend Mass, we become present at the Lord’s Table, there to pray and to be one with him.

2. The Homily is not Inspiring

– The Mass is never about the priest, it is about Jesus Christ. Its center is not the preaching at the pulpit but the Lamb of the Altar. If ever the homily would fail to inspire you, there are so many resources that can help you reflect more, such as books, videos, and websites, etc. Many are unaware that priests have a great deal of work and parishioners to attend to. We can help them by sharing what we discover and learn.

3. The Parish is not Accommodating

– There are many reasons why a parish seems not welcoming. But sometimes we just fail to recognize that there are far more reasons for them to be very welcoming. And one of those reasons revolves on you. Plug-in to your parish. You can invite your family, friends & neighbors. You can even form your group of ushers for your parish. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on you.

4. The Service is not Entertaining

– The Mass is not for amusement; it is Holy Communion between Christ and his Church. For fear of persecution during the first centuries, Masses were even held secretly. There were simply no bands, nor lights and fog machines to liven-up their gathering. It is only later that people were given freedom in their way of worship. However the Mass is celebrated, we must always see it as an event for us to be in Holy Communion with God.

5. The Church is filled with Sinners

– The Church is made up of humans. who are just like everyone else, sinners. Instead of being discouraged by the sins of others, why not be with them in prayer? Instead of feeling disheartened by our won sins, why not go to Church all the more. Besides, Jesus came for the sinners and not the self-righteous. It’s hard to be a true Catholic but this should not stop us from uniting with God. You are ALWAYS welcome here.

There are many other reasons why Catholics no longer go to Mass, or worse, leave the faith. But the choice is ours. I hope we can follow the example of our first martyrs who, instead of leaving the persecuted Catholic Church, even died for her.

Source: The Splendor and power of Catholic Truth BIBLICAL THEMES Online Resource Handbook

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