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Growing up as a non Catholic i looked at Catholic devotions as idolatry.

  Growing up as a non-Catholic I looked at Catholic devotions as idolatry. I never imagined that I would one day come to understand and appreciate what Catholic Devotions truly are. Now, I look at it as an expression of deep faith because it is NEVER really about the image, contrary to what I was […]

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Rodney B. Orjaleza Conversion Story From Aglipayan to Catholicism

My name is Rodney B. Orjaleza presently residing in Zamboanga City, Philippines. I am now 47 years old and its more than 17 years already since my conversion to Catholicism. I was born and baptized under a Protestant Church called The Philippine Independent Church founded by Gregorio Aglipay. When I grew up, I was raised […]